Daily Shiur Between Mincha & Maariv

Each weekday between Mincha & Maariv there is a short break of about 15-30 minutes long. You may use this time at your leisure, study something on your own or with someone or partake in a shiur. This series of short classes deals with many interesting topics and can vary frequently.

Currently, the shiur on Sunday, Monday & Wednesday is dedicated to study Halacha. We have just finished reviewing hilchot Tfillin and have this week begun studying laws pertaining to the month of Elul, Slichot, Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur.

Tuesday‘s shiur is dedicated to examining a Mitzva that is discussed in that week’s particular Parsha. We will examine a Mitzva, review various details associated with it, reasons for the Mitzvah and more. This shiur is primarily based on the Sefer Hachinuch & the Minchat Chinuch.

Thursday’s shiur centres around the weekly Parsha. We take a closer look at something that is discussed in the weekly Parsha and shed some new light and insight on it. There is always a lesson and a moral instruction to take home as well as new appreciation for each passuk in the Torah. Using the Ramban, Or Ha’Chaim, Kli Yakar and more, this is a great way to prepare for Shabbos with divrei Torah.