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Three Options for Sponsoring a Kiddush
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We have organized a joint Tehillim read from the web site https://new.tehilimyahad.com/mr.jsp?r=kfRlMHil7btThe idea is that each one reads one chapter
and together we complete
the Sefer Tehillim For the Refuah of
רבקה חיה בת שרה
Contact Carmel at [email protected]
for details or any questions you may have.



The shul is open
Services are in the main sanctuary only.

Messages of Time

Rabbi Schochet’s shiurim
Sunday morning 9 am – Chumash – Insight into Rashi

Wednesday evening 6:45 pm – Talmud class Zoom
Join Zoom Talmud Class
Meeting ID: 522 780 9693
Password: 147147

Daily Halacha between Mincha and Maariv



Condolences to the Feffer family
on the passing of Dina Bat Blima and Wolf.

Rosh Chodesh Shvat

Rosh Chodes Shevat

Monday 1 Shvat January 23
Rosh Chodesh Shvat

Shacharit: 6:30AM
Mincha: 5:00PM

Tuesday 2 Shvat January 24
Shacharit: 6:45
Mincha: 5:00PM

Wednesday 3 Shvat January 25
Shacharit : 6:45AM
Mincha: 5:00PM
Men’s Talmud class
With Rabbi Schochet
Today at 7:15 pm on Zoom
Please find link above
ID: 5227809693 Pass: 147147

Thursday 4 Shvat January 26
Shacharit: 6:40AM
Mincha: 5:000PM

Friday 5 Shvat January 27
Shacharit: 6:45 AM
Mincha: 5:05PM

Did You Know


A History of Beth Jacob Synagogue tev
by Howard Markus

The Story of Beth Jacob Synagogue
By Rabbi Shlomo Jacobovits

  • Beth Jacob Announcements
  • Shabbat Mevarchim
    Many thanks to all of you who generously sponsored the Shabbat Mevarchim Kiddushes last year and may G-d bless you. To continue this beautiful tradition, during this year, sponsors are required. To that end, I do trust your deep belief rooted in the precept of our forefathers that building a community is of the utmost responsibility of all its members. To fulfil the accomplishment of this common goal, I am seeking your donations according your means for this year. To contribute towards the sponsorship of the monthly kiddush on Shabbat Mevarchim, please speak to me or the shul secretary.
    Gavriel Ayayi

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    Classes with Rabbi Schochet and Rabbi Lawrence

    Beth Jacob Clubs

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    Daily Classes for Men,
    Sunday Parasha Class For Men,
    Wednesday Gmara Class For Men,
    Saturday Pirkey Avot Class For Women and
    Saturday Parasha Class For Men.



    Clubs of Beth Jacob

    Beth Jacob Clubs

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    Book Club, Fitness Club and Sisterhood