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Bring Them Home Now Rally
This Sunday (April 21, 2024) marked 194 days
since Israel’s hostages were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.
To sign up for updates and notices about future
events go to:

Condolences to the Klein family on the passing
of Jerry Klein. Martin and Tibor will be
observing shiva at 18 Midvale Rd. Shiva visits
are Fri. 2-4 pm, Mincha 2 pm; Sun. 3-6 pm,
7:30-8:30 pm, Mincha 8 pm; Mon. 9 am-2 pm,
Mincha 2 pm. There is no Shacharis minyan.
Shiva concludes Mon. afternoon, Apr. 22.


Women & Girls Challah Bake
Thurs., May 2 ~ 7 pm
$30/person ~ RSVP by Apr. 16 to the shul
[email protected] or 416 638 5955



Sale of Chametz
Rabbi Schochet will be available
to facilitate the selling of Chametz
on Sunday after Shacharit (about 9 am)
as well as between Mincha and Ma’ariv.

Shmurah Matza
There are boxes of 3 handmade Shmurah Matza
available through the office or Rabbi Schochet.
If you wish to donate towards this endeavour,
it is appreciated. You can arrange your donation
by contacting Rabbi Schochet.

Maot Chitin
Participate in the mitzvah of Maot Chitin.
You can make your donation through the shul office.
Donations can also be made to:
Tomchei Shabbos (www.tomcheishabbos.ca)
Bikur Cholim (www.bikurcholim.ca)

Pesach CleaningPesach CleaningPesach Cleaning


Monday 14 Nisan April 22
Shacharit 6:40AM
Ta’anit Bechorim
There will be a siyum
at about 7:45 am .

Eat Chametz until 10:53 am.
Burn Chametz before 11:57 am.

Mincha: 7:55PM
Candle Lighting: 7:52PM
Start Seder after 8:57 PM

Tuesday 15 Nisan April 23
Shacharit: 8:45AM
Mincha: 7:55PM
Light candles and start Seder after 8:58 PM
Sphirat HaOmer Day 1
During the Mussaf Shmone Esrei
on the first day of Pesach,
we switch from
“Mashiv Haruach u’Morid Hageshem”
to “Morid Hatal”
until Shemini Atzeret.

Wednesday 16 Nisan April 24
Shacharit : 8:45AM
Mincha: 7:55PM
Yom Tov ends 8:59 PM
Sphirat HaOmer Day 2

Thursday 17 Nisan April 25
Shacharit: 6:30
Mincha: 7:55PM
During the Maariv Shmone Esrei of Chol Hamoed,
we switch from
“Veten Tal u’Matar” to “Veten Bracha”
until December 4.
Sphirat HaOmer Day 3

Friday 18 Nisan April 19
Shacharit: 6:30AM
Mincha: 7:55PM
Sphirat HaOmer Day 4

* Daily Halacha between Mincha and Maariv *

Rabbi’s shiurim
Wednesday evening 7:00 pm – Talmud class Zoom
Join Zoom Talmud Class – Contact the Rabbi for the link



We have organized a joint Tehillim read from the web site https://new.tehilimyahad.com/mr.jsp?r=kfRlMHil7bt

The idea is that each one reads one chapter
and together we complete
the Sefer Tehillim For the Refuah of
רבקה חיה בת שרה


Did You Know

Beth Jacob In The Canadian Jewish News


The Story of Beth Jacob Synagogue
By Rabbi Shlomo Jacobovits

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  • Shabbat Mevarchim
    Many thanks to all of you who generously sponsored the Shabbat Mevarchim Kiddushes last year and may G-d bless you. To continue this beautiful tradition, during this year, sponsors are required. To that end, I do trust your deep belief rooted in the precept of our forefathers that building a community is of the utmost responsibility of all its members. To fulfil the accomplishment of this common goal, I am seeking your donations according your means for this year. To contribute towards the sponsorship of the monthly kiddush on Shabbat Mevarchim, please speak to me or the shul secretary.
    Gavriel Ayayi

  • Classes with our two Rabbis

    Beth Jacob Clubs

    Click Here for Information about Beth Jacob’s
    Daily Classes for Men,
    Sunday Parasha Class For Men,
    Wednesday Gmara Class For Men,
    Saturday Pirkey Avot Class For Women and
    Saturday Parasha Class For Men.