The Committees and their Chairmen, 5773-5775, 2012-2014

Committee Members
Adult Education Rabbi David Lawrence
Budget and Finance Gavriel Ayi, Ted Markovits, Michael Muller
Bulletin Howard Markus
Catering Gavriel Ayi, Sruly Karoly
Chevra Kadisha, Cemetery Sruly Karoly, David Kellen
Events Joe Sommer, Marlene Markus
House and Maintenance Hymie Guttman and David Kellen
Library Moshe Lichtenstein
Membership & Obligations Hymie Guttman, Gershon Vandenbrin
Youth Joe Somer
Bonds Hymie Guttman
Legal Counsel Harvey Jacobson
Fundraising Ted Markovits, Ben Zvi
Publicity Hymie Guttman, David Jourard
Religious Rabbi David Lawrence, Moshe Lichtenstein, Michael Muller
Technology David Jourard

As per the Constitution of the Beth Jacob V’Anshei Drildz Congregation, these committees are formed at the beginning of each board’s term of office.