Beth Jacob Board of Governors,
5777-5779, 2018-2020

Hank Greenberg
David Jourard
Benny Rozenzon
Gershon Vandenbrink
Joseph Berkovits
Yakov Price
Sisterhood President
Blanche Schwatrz
Past Presidents
David Kellen`
Harvey Jacobson`
Micheal Muller`
Dr Aaron Jesin
Irving (Sruly) Karoly
Dr. Bernie Rubin
Dr. Earle Schwartz
Neil Nathan
Howard Markus
As per the Constitution of the Beth Jacob V’Anshei Drildz Congregation, ”All elected Executive Officers and all elected Board Members shall be elected at the Annual Meeting of the Congregation held on the First Sunday of November every 2 years.”
The latest election took place November, 2018 and the current board and executive will serve until the next election in November of 2020.