Book Club

The Beth Jacob V’Anshe Drildz Congregation

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 at 7:30 pm
At: Beth Jacob Synagogue
147 Overbrook Place
Cost: $3.00 for refreshments
Please confirm your attendance by emailing to [email protected]

Book Club
Book Club

The Stone Carvers
By: Jane Urquhart

Set in the first half of the twentieth century, but reaching back to Bavaria in the late nineteenth century, “The Stone Carvers” weaves together the story of ordinary lives marked by obsession and transformed by art. At the centre of a large cast of characters is Klara Becker, the granddaughter of a master carver, a seamstress haunted by a love affair cut short by the First World War, and by the frequent disappearances of her brother Tilman, afflicted since childhood with wanderlust. From Ontario, they are swept into a colossal venture in Europe years later, as Toronto sculptor Walter Allward’s ambitious plans begin to take shape for a war memorial at Vimy, France. Spanning three decades, and moving from a German-settled village in Ontario to Europe after the Great War, “The Stone Carvers” follows the paths of immigrants, labourers, and dreamers. Vivid, dark, redemptive, this is novel of great beauty and power.